Red Line 2 Step Set

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Red Line 2 Step Set

Contain patented raw material ovalicin for sebum relief, safe for troubled skin and hypoallergenic tested. Sebum reduction by patented ovalicin ingredient, hypoallergenic test completed and clinically tested for acne prone skin.

Ovalicin controls excessive sebum and help soften oily skin. At the same time, it managed troubled skin by dissolving sebum. Red Line is hypoallergenically tested and it is suitable for troubled, acne prone skin.

*The expiration date of the red toner may be less than a year.

Main Ingredients


Helps control excessive sebum

Tea tree leaf extract

Calms skin

Willow bark extract

Moisturizes skin


Relieving troubled skin


Dermatologically tested

Skincare Step

1. Red Toner
After cleansing, apply an adequate amount on your face.
2. Red Serum
Squeeze appropriate amount and
massage skin while applying.