Deep Revitalizing Set

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Deep Vita C Ampoule Expiry date : 2023/10/25

Boost skin elasticity with Deep Revitalizing Set!
The Deep Revitalizing Set contains the Deep Lifting Peptide Eye Cream, Deep Vita C Ampoule (3 bottles of Deep Vita C Ampoule + 1 dropper) and Deep Vita C Cream

Deep Vita C Ampoule helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brown spots. It evens out skin tone, and enhances skin radiance by inhibiting melanin production. Formulated with 13.5% vitamin C, this water-based, hypoallergenic certified ampoule is the ultimate elixir to brighter, lifted skin.

Deep Lifting Peptide Eye Cream provides your delicate under-eye skin with intense moisture and targets saggy skin, under-eye puffiness and crow's feet!

Deep Vita C Cream is a cream containing 4 types of vitamins: vitamin C ,E, Q, P. Minimum irritation, maximum effect!

Main Ingredients

13.5% ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) :

Pure ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) brightens skin tone

Vitamin C and Vitamin synergy complex (E, P, and Q) :

Enhances skin radiance & smoothens skin texture

Hyaluronic Acid :

7 different Hyaluronic Acid retains skin moisture to reduce visibility of fine lines and wrinkles


Reduce the look of pigmentation

Anti-wrinkle Formula


Skincare Step

1. Deep Vita C Ampoule
Squeeze appropriate amount and massage skin while applying.

2. Deep Lifting Peptide Eye Cream
Apply around the eye and face, gently massage onto the skin by patting in outwards direction.

3. Deep Vita C Cream
As the last step of your skincare routine, apply a good amount all around the eye and face area to seal in the products.