Blemish Miracle Set

$75.50 $170.45
July Special Set
Yoo Jae-seok's pick for you this season!

If you're looking for blemish treatment and skin brightening products, the Blemish Miracle Set is for YOU!
The set comes with our fan favourite Deep Vita C Ampoule,the mild and super hydrating
Zero Foam Cleanser & 5 sheets of the Toning Ringer Sheet Mask.
Also, you can see visible results in just 7 days!

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Main Ingredients

Chlorogalum leaf and root extract :

Naturally sourced ingredients clean and sustain skin without irritation.

Vitamin C

Fades signs of uneven skin tone and spots while firming the skin.


Helps brighten skin and reduces hyperpigmentation.


Blemish Care

Skin Elasticity


Skincare Step

1. Cleanse face with Zero Foam Cleanser and pat dry.
2. Apply an adequate amount of Deep Vita C Ampoule on your face and gently pat to absorb product.

Use the Red Centella Mask before sleeping on days
when skin feels irritated and dry.(Use it after cleansing)
Please remember to use SUNSCREEN during the day!

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