Red Shave & Foam Cleanser

Red Shave & Foam Cleanser

Red Line, Acne-prone Skin & Bumps

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Shaving and Cleansing at Once with relieving acne-prone skin!

Aftershave for acne-prone skin, Switch to Red Shave & Foam Cleanser

What is Special?
POINT 1. Shaving and Cleansing at once for acne-prone skin
POINT 2. Hypoallergenic care with dense foamHelps reduce appearance of pores
POINT 3. Refreshing and hydrating without residual feeling

Customer Test
Dead skin improvement : 49.3% decreased
(After 2 weeks of use)
Skin texture improvement : 5.3% decreased
(After 2 weeks of use)
Blackhead improvement : 30.8% decreased
(After 1 use)
Micro-dust cleanse improvement : 86.3% decreased
(After 2 weeks of use)
*Excerpt from the Red Shave & Foam Cleanser consumer test

Who needs it?
Those who want to shave and cleanse at once. Those with acne-prone skin and concerns about cleansing and shaving. Those who are worried about skin irritation caused by shaving. Those who want hypoallergenic, complete cleansing, and shaving.

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Key Ingredients

*Salicylic Acid 0.5%

: Decompose sebum in pores with fat-soluble ingredients and remove dead dead dead skin cells that block pores


: Helps relieve troubled skin (acne skin) by controlling sebum secretion and improving barriers


Shaving and Cleansing

Suitable for acne-prone skin


How to use

1. Lather all over the face and apply thoroughly.
2. Shave after applying enough lathered product.
3. After shaving, rinse the remaining foam with lukewarm water.
*When using on body parts such as legs and armpits, take an appropriate amount on the area where the hair removal is required and shave. Rinse with lukewarm water.