Soyxidil Sea Salt Scalp Scrub

Soyxidil Sea Salt Scalp Scrub

Soyxidil Line, Thinning & Scalp Care

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Feel the refreshing sensation of a scalp care with hair loss targeted ingredients to boost!

Experience a whole new world of SCALP CARE with SOYXIDIL SEASALT SCALF SCRUB

What is Special?
POINT 1. Simultaneous care for hair loss and dandruff / Incomparable refreshment, scalp scaling with 45% sea salt
POINT 2.Hair loss relief functional scrub containing SOYACT®, Korea’s first hair loss relief functional ingredient found in soy beans.
POINT 3. Gentle formulation that can be used on sensitive/easily irritated scalp.

You can feel the difference in hair loss and dandruff right away
*Can be used instead of shampoo 2-3 times a week.

Customer Test
Improvement of waste in the scalp pores (after 1 use) : 98.8%
Improvement of scalp sebum (oil) (after 1 use) : 79.2%
Improvement of dead skin cells on the scalp (after 1 use) : 48.8%
Fine dust cleanse (after 1 use) : 97.1%
Reduced hair loss (after 1 use) : 46.1%
Lower scalp temperature (after 1 use) : -4.2c
Improvement in scalp moisture (after 1 use) : 8.7%
Scalp(redness) improvement (after 1 use) : 162%
*Excerpt from Soyxidil Sea Salt Scalp Test Report

Who needs it?
If you have the following scalp concerns,
try the Soyxidil Scalp Scrub for actual improvement.
Hair loss • Dandruff • Scalp odor • Flakes • Greasiness

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Key Ingredients

*SOYCAT® 20,000ppm(2%)

: SOYCAT®, Korea's first application of hair loss mitigation functional ingredient

It is a functional product that relieves hair loss by using Dolkong Embryo Extract as an active ingredient, strengthening hair roots and reducing hair loss

*EGCG 500ppm(0.05%)

: Sebum control effect improves scalp dandruff and dead skin cells

*SEA SALT 450,000ppm(45%)

: Use thick particles to remove dead skin cells from the scalp and give it a refreshing feeling after use


Simultaneous Hair Loss and Dandruff Care

Suitable for sensitive/easily irritated scalp

Incomparable refreshment

How to use

1. Wet your scalp with enough water.
2. Apply 2-4 lines of product with the outlet of the tube touching the scalp.
(Applying amount depends on your scalp condition)
3. Massage the salt into the scalp.
4.Wash it off.
*If you need extra nourishment for your hair, we recommend you to apply Soyxidil 2in1 Treatment so that you can get silky hair.