Super Cica AC Trial Kit

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Experience the skin calming effects with Super Cica ingredients!

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree

Added anti-inflammatory effect to relieve stressed and irritated skin


Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to treat sensitive, stressed skin.

Ceramide NP

Strengthens skin barrier and effectively improve appearance and condition of dry skin





How to use

Step 1 : Super Cica Toner
After cleansing apply the Super Cica Water-in Toner to prep your skin!
Step 2 : Super Cica Ampoule
Apply an appropriate amount of Super Cica Ampoule
Step 3 : Super Cica Cream
Apply appropriate amount of Super Cica Water-In Cream, tap gently for better absorption
Step 4: Red Centella Balm
Apply appropriate amount on areas of concern and finish soothing care

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