Super Cica Ampoule Renewal + Red Centella Scar Ointment

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Pimple trouble? This set is your best friend when it comes to treating existing breakouts and preventing acne scarring. This set consists of the latest version of Super Cica Ampoule, upgraded with better soothing properties. You'll be equipped to stop any breakouts or skin irritation coming.

Take it a step further and start the skin healing process with Red Centella Scar Ointment to heal and lighten at acne scars or dark marks. The earlier you start, the better!

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Main Ingredients

10,000ppm Super Cica 7™

Medicube's patented formula for a skin-soothing effect like no other

Tea Tree

Added anti-inflammatory effect to relieve stressed and irritated skin





Skincare Step

1. Super Cica Ampoule
After cleansing and applying a toner, pump an appropriate amount of Super Cica Ampoule and massage it all over the face.

2. Centella Scar Ointment
Dot a small amount on trouble spots and allow it to absorb for 5-10 seconds before applying your moisturizer