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Pore Cleaning Set - Zero Line

Pore Cleaning Set - Zero Line

Zero Line, Pores & Blackheads

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Zero Pore Cleanser 120 ml
Zero Pore Pad 70 ea

Pore Cleaning Set
Skip away to clear pores in a simple, two-step routine.
Safe for sensitive skin Hypoallergenically tested

Get clear, poreless skin with our Pore Cleaning Set. Cleanse skin from hazardous microfine dust with Zero Foam Cleanser and follow up with our star product, Zero Pore Pads that is formulated with AHA to clear sebum, debris and gunk that is stuck in your pores.

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Main Ingredients

Wintergreen leaf extract:

Naturally sourced salicylic acid that removes dry skin with low irritation.

White Willow Bark:

Contains salicylic acid which helps to unclog pores.

Cypress Tree Leaf, Purslane, Baikal Skullcap:

Natural anti-inflammatory properties decrease swelling of overactive sebum glands.


Sebum reducing

Minimizing pores


Skincare Step

1.Zero Foam Cleanser
Thoroughly removes microdust and ensures deep cleansing.
2. Zero Pore Pad
Use the embossed side of Zero Pore Pads to exfoliate, then turn around to the silky side to refine and tone.

Pair Zero Foam Cleanser with Pore Brush to get an extra rich lather for a deeper cleanse.