Red Line

Solution for sensitive and troubled skin

Comprehensive, A-Z acne care begins with Red Line Full Set. Red Line consist of four basic skin care items that are certified hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. It contains patented Ovalicin and a series of plant extracts that work synergetically in reducing excessive sebum while controlling acne breakouts, leaving skin fresh and clean.

Mike N

My skin is so sensitive, it always breaks out after the day I eat junk foods. I tried red line as my last chance and I've been using it for 2 week already. Starting from the 2nd week my skin got so much better and I was so surprised!

sensitive & oily skin / 10 months use


This system has worked really well for me. I have used it for about 6 weeks and while I still get a few minor pimples, my skin is so much better than it has been after 6 weeks with any other system I've tried.

Sensitive & oily skin & sensitive skin / 8 months use


I started seeing a difference after just a week! Thank you Medicube for changing my life and making me feel confident in my own skin.

sensitive & acne skin / 5 weeks use


After 7 weeks of Red Line, you can see the skin texture is SO SMOOTH. Despite being in my mid 20s already, I was still struggling with acne. But now I feel really good with my new skin and I'm really satisfied!

sensitive & combination skin / 7 weeks use

Carmen Lee

This set really improved my skin a lot. No more acne breakout since I started using it. When there are no more new acne, my old acne marks finally have time to fade. I will definitively continue using this set!

Sensitive & combination skin / 5 months use

Zero Line

Solution for enlarged pores and excess sebum production

Reduce sebum, control skin moisture level and minimize the appearance of pores all at once with Zero Line. Our star product, Zero Pore Pads are dual textured pads that exfoliates and refines skin all at one go. Pair it with other Zero Line products for the perfect synergy in achieving that envious pore-less skin!


After using it for 5 weeks, I'm finally seeing the results! I do recommend getting the blackheads out first with washing your face with hot water. Then the last step, use the zero pads to close up your pores and get them smaller!

combination skin / 5 week use


It works so fast, I can't believe it! I probably have tried all the skin regimen in the market but nothing worked as fast as medicube. I have problems with my pores and after 1 day of use, I already saw the difference.

combination skin / 1 week use


Astounded by the results! Though on pores, but gentle on sensitive skin like mine. Medicube is actually true to their claim and I’m impressed!

sensitive & combination skin / 1 week use

Triple Line

Solution for sensitive and troubled skin

Getting that dewy, glass glow skin is no longer a dream. Reverse the signs of time with the Triple Line. Fortified with 1000x Triple Collagen Complex, the Triple Line contains patented ingredients that are clinically proven to smooth out fine lines, fill in wrinkles, tighten pores, and eliminate blemishes and dark spots.


I’ve noted improvement on my skin! Smells good and my skin feels refreshed after application. My skin feels a lot better as it’s more moist and supple!

Dry skin / 1 week use


THESE PRODUCTS ARE AMAZING! I've always suffered from large pores and constant breakouts/blackheads since I was a preteen, but after just one week of using medicube, my skin has been so moisturized and soft

combination & oily skin / 1 week use


anti-hyperpigmentation "Once I figured out amount to use for my skin, I've fallen in love with it.

combination skin / 1 month use