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How to use
Age-R ATS Air Shot?

  1. After washing your face with completely dry skin, press and hold the ③power button to turn it on.
  2. Press ③the button to set the level that you would like to use.
  3. After selecting the level, use it from the inside to the outside in the areas you need, such as skin and neck. And the Age-R ATS Airshot device is more effective when the head is 0.08 inches away from the surface of your skin. We recommend you use the device by brushing, sweeping, and tapping methods.
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  4. After 5 minutes of care with the device, finish off with your usual skincare routine.

3 Ways To Use.

Choose and use it with the most effective method for you!

There are three methods to use the device : Tapping, Sweeping, Brushing.

  • Tapping

    With the probe head, tap lightly onto your skin surface

  • Sweeping

    Take the probe head and gently make contact with the skin.
    Then swipe upwards in one direction.

  • Brushing

    Without making direct contact with the skin, take the probe head and move it around as if you were using a brush.


Complete elasticity care that stimulates deep within the skin.
Beginner's guide on how to start using the Age-R devices

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Better with.

Products that work well with the medicube Air Shot!

To boost the effectiveness of the ATS Airshot Device, it is highly recommended to apply skin care products that specifically target your skin concerns to be absorbed into the passways.

Zero Pore One-day Serum

Pore care

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Zero Pore One-day Serum

Pore care

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  • Q. How often should I use it?

    We suggest using ATS Air Shot 1-2 times a week and please take an average of three to four days of rest. Please adjust the frequency of use suitable to your skin as the skin condition varies per individuals.

  • Q. Do I need to wash off my skin before using?

    You can use the ATS Air Shot without washing your face or with makeup on, but there is a possibility that skin passageways may not be properly formulated. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use it when your skin is completely dry after washing your face.

  • Q. It smells burning when using the deivice. Is it okay or safe?

    ATS Air Shot maximizes absorption of the effectiveness of skincare products by creating a micro passage into your skin. It is a natural phenomenon having a burning smell when skin fuzz is naturally removed. After finishing the use, the smell gradually disappears.

  • Q. Can I use it to acne-prone skin?

    You may use the Age-R ATS Air Shot for the acne-prone skin for a relatively short period of time by tapping mode compared to other parts not exceeding 5 minutes per use. We recommend to use a calming care product or patch after using the device.

  • Q. Is there any area that should I avoid using the device?

    Please avoid using areas close to eyes, uvula (Adam's apple), philtrum area, scalp, heart area, armpit, wounds, and surgical area.

  • Q. How to charge the Age-R ATS Airshot?

    If the battery is low, the device may not function. Please charge the device with USB-C type cable included in the box. Please take note that the device does not operate while charging.

  • Q. How should I clean the device?

    After use, we highly recommend to wipe the head with soft cloths, cotton pads, and cotton swabs. We do not recommend washing the Age-R devices with water because it may cause a failure.