[Duo] Zero Pore One day Cream & Serum

[Duo] Zero Pore One day Cream & Serum

Zero Line, Pores & Blackheads

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'Duo Set' for a stronger pore targeting synergy effect

Results maximized when used together 
Synergy effect clinically proven after 1 day of use 

One Day - Formulated with 5% Panthenol, 0.1% BHA, Niacinamide

Pore elasticity care is the key to shrinking pores.
Experience a whole new world of PORE CARE with Zero Pore One-day Cream

What is Zero Pore One-day Cream?
Pore refining cream that repairs and refines for visibly smaller looking pores. Clinically Proven, Full of Patented Pore Care Ingredients.

1) 4 in1 Pore Care Cream : Pore tightening/ Lifting/ Moisturizing/ Sebum control
2) Overnight Pore Minimizer
3) Fresh finish with light texture
4) Anti-aging by firming skin around pores

"Pore defines your facial age"

What is Special?
POINT 1. Boosts Pore Elasticity with Non-sticky Hydra-fresh formulation
POINT 2. Helps reduce appearance of pores
POINT 3. Control Excess Oil

Clinical Test
Look of Pore Size (After 1 use) - Decreased 52.6%
Look of Pore Volume (After 1 use) - Decreased 53.6%
Look of Pore Depth (After 1 use) - Decreased 55.1%
Blackheads and Whiteheads improvement (After 1 use) - Decreased 21.3%
Look of Vertical Pores (After 1 use) - Decreased 21.5%
External Hydration improvement (After 1 day) - Decreased 5.3%
Inner Hydration improvement (After 1 day) - Decreased 0.9%

Who needs it?
For those with ALL skin types who desire healthy looking skin without enlarged pores. All who are looking for a convenient and effective skincare item

Weight: 50ml

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Main Ingredients


Strengthens skin moisture barrier

Salicylic Acid

Helps to reduce excess sebum and blackheads


Brightening & tightening improvement


Helps reduce the look of pores

Sebum Balancing

Moisture Control

How to use

1. Use in the AM and PM after cleansing and toning
2. Scoop appropriate amount and apply on face starting from center outwards
3. Tap gently for better absorption